As a part of our High Potential Leaders Programme, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution and outstanding efforts in coaching and mentoring our delegates throughout this programme.

Our delegates have sincerely enjoyed the time you have spent with them during this past year. As a result of your knowledge and guidance, they have attained a greater depth of business knowledge. All that they have learned from you is difficult to put into words.

Once again, on behalf of your mentees, we thank you for your time and assistance this year.

Executive Director

Executive and leadership coaching may be a science, but having had the pleasure of being coached by Colin Johansen I have come to realize that it’s also an art form. True to the masters of any art, his approach as mentor‐collaborator may be described in so many words; but it is the authentic human connection and effortlessness with which it takes place that truly distinguishes his ability to impact one’s life and work.

PR Manager

While being one of the delegates of the Future Leaders Program of Dubai Holding, CJ was assigned to me as my coach and mentor. Not only did he do a fabulous job at that, especially during times of crises, but also I learned from him the essence of the art of Executive Coaching: that the coach is not there to give you the answers, but to guide you to find these answers on your own. After all, when it comes to the crucial decision of life or business, the accountability remains always yours – no coach can do the job for you. So I could not imagine a more professional, business‐oriented, strategically thinking, yet empathetic coach than CJ.

Sr. Advisor to the General Manager

CJ is the person that I could trust with my career and personal hitches, he was always available for me day and night, face to face locally and internationally, we used to communicate by phone calls, SMS and instant messaging. He is also the coach who really helped me build a stronger awareness of my surroundings and of my capabilities. He always challenged and provoked my thinking and enabled me to see the other side of the story and think outside the box. CJ is a great person that I am so proud to have known through my career.

Head of IT

Wording is not enough to appreciate such a person who has done a great job to push you forward. CJ’s enthusiasm and ability as a mentor have emanated unlimited amount of positive thoughts, and conceptions, the guidance out of his experience to confront challenges will definitely impact my career.

The wisdom, confidence and heart he has shown has been an inspiration on and off the field. He helped me to think positively, clarify my values and guiding principles. His presence and guidance in my life eternally holds a place in my heart as a coach and a person.

General Manager

During the time that CJ was my Executive Coach, I always found it so easy to discuss any issues that came up both personal and professional with him. He acted as my sounding board, allowing me to bounce ideas off him, and thinking through the various solutions. He was also like the devil’s advocate, helping me think through important decisions and strategies. CJ pushed me to become more strategic in my approach. He forced me to position myself differently and to become more visible within the organisation. CJ continually shared his knowledge from his wealth of experience
and current information from scholarly articles and research reports that he comes across. He was genuinely interested in enhancing my skills, information, and perspective to foster my personal and professional growth.

Senior Sales Development Manager

Coaching through CJ was the most effective part of the leadership development program that my company put me through. In a fast paced, high pressure environment, CJ hit the road running and quickly recognized my development needs, and the context in which I operate. Through regular meetings and a steady stream of selected articles and videos, I was challenged to self‐reflect and absorb new ideas. These tools enabled me to reach a level where my thinking is more strategic and I have much broader awareness of business operations, not just in my area of expertise. All in all, a very worthwhile experience.

Group Director – Business Process Management

Though mentoring has an academic sound to it, CJ made me realize that mentoring is not about eloquent lectures and the quest for solutions. It is a collaborative dialogue, laced with the equity of balance, the clarity of truth and the security of trust. CJ was a powerful source of intellectual stimulation, challenging me to find my own way out by facilitating me to delve into the innermost realms of my thoughts.

Executive Director ‐ HR


CJ’s way of mentoring added a lot to my life. He helped me a lot during difficult time to identify most suitable decisions backing up with his great experience and knowledge. CJ is great listener and sometimes he was helping me with the decisions just by allowing me to think loudly. I did not imagine that having a personnel trainer such as CJ will add that much value both to my personal and profession life; however looking back to my situation prior to my involvement with him I can easily identify the difference. In simple words “He is Great” 

Head of Business Excellence

We always meet people in life, but it’s difficult to know someone who has a fingertip in our life. CJ is a great mentor and coach. He supported me a lot in the changes required to step up to new competitions in life, and guided me through the emotional mazes of difficult change. Our coaching sessions were productive, and I had lots of quick wins to achieve my goals. It has been a pleasure to know CJ, he can challenge and engage technical minded people, and he knows how to help his mentees go from being good to being great. I’m really proud to have an honest and multitalented coach.

Director, Projects Management

I truly appreciate your coaching which I see as a life changing experience to me.

Chief Corporate Banker
Saudi Arabia

I had a great and fruitful time with CJ; just by listening to me I feel he gives me direction. And from there focus and a clear direction became less foggy. I am more focused now. He was generous in guidance and in providing examples of similar situations. In the end I can make my own decisions. I can call him anytime and he will answer me, he keeps in touch with SMS and emails on continuous basis. Having CJ as my coach was the best thing. I would dedicate my time to talk to him even during busy times because I know and believe he will provide me with appropriate guidance to make critical
decisions for my career and life. He is a life‐long mentor.

Project Manager

I never had a coach before and never thought that I would need one, although I’ve read a lot about coaching. I met CJ a year ago and I truly benefited from his coaching services. His style of mixing science, experience, trust and collaboration benefited me to the maximum and helped me discover what I really want to do and where I want to be on the longer term; that’s the reason I still use his services till now. He helped me discover my true strengths and where I have to improve as well. In addition, whenever I needed someone to talk to or to get an advice on something, he was always
there for me. My life and career were at a crossroad and I needed to make major decisions. He challenged me a lot and helped me make the right decisions for myself and for my family. The good thing is that by time CJ and I became friends and I’m so proud to have known him over the past year.

Managing Partner

The best word describes CJ is trust it was a great pleasure for me to be coached by him. In my first coaching session, the way he approached to my concerns was marvellous. In a great way, he simplified my person development plan and efficiently took me through effective solutions. CJ is a knowledgeable coach and during the sessions, he always shares good and real examples that help you to understand the solution. The best thing I highly appreciate that I became an organized thinker and the credit goes to CJ. He added a lot of value to my life and supported me to overcome challenges that I never thought I would ever conquer. I consider myself lucky to be coached by an intelligent person like CJ.

Associate Director – Corporate Branding
Abu Dhabi

Our coaching sessions increased my effectiveness and empowered me in no time. The creative process we followed supported me to confidently pursue new ideas and alternative solutions with greater resilience in the face of growing complexity. Our relationship generates trust which helped me to get the maximum learning and clarity for forward action with commitment to clear measurable outcomes. You share part of my success and my superiors' satisfaction. I've improved in many areas i.e. my work performance, my team effectiveness, myself confidence, my communication skills, my life/work balance...etc.

Vice President
Head of Operational Risk

CJ was appointed as my mentor two years back as part of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Program for
Government Leaders. With his wide experience, professionalism, and dedication CJ helped me
through hard and good times at work and personal levels. He continued to give his support even
after his official task was over. Thanks to his way in managing his work relations, my association with
CJ is far deeper than a work relation, I consider him a sincere friend.

Head Airport Logistic Systems ‐ Dubai

At first, it is very difficult to appreciate the importance and the added value of executive coaching especially if the executive coach is not a member of the organization’s environment. This wrong misconception is soon to be negated after few sessions with CJ. Although CJ was not part of DPG he was always on top of what is happening in our organization and I think this is because he was genuinely interested in understanding the environment in which his delegates operate. I found this as one of the key great things while working with CJ. A clear understanding of my work circumstances not only helped in formulating his better judgement but was also a catalyst in developing mutual trust in record time. Trust is the pillar of executive coaching and CJ excels in building it. He is also very approachable, is available all the time for consultation (willingly and invitingly) and has a wealth of experience from his long career in different corporate environments. Overall, I think I gained a lot from CJ and I would always keep him as a trusted reference for me in the future in cases where I need an experienced opinion to overcome any challenge in my professional career (even personal matters)

Country Manager ‐ Kuwait

Leadership is mix between education and life experience and within my involvement in H.H Mohammed bin Rashid leadership program I was lucky to have CJ as my mentor who help me in overcome most of the milestone in my plan by bringing a real story and mapped to the situation.

IT Director ‐ UAE

I have been coached by CJ as a participant on the Women leadership Program, from day one CJ demonstrates respect & honestly. CJ is a good listener; he can pay attention to you and your concerns and advice accordingly. CJ would draw the picture in front of you and hints for the alternatives simply and then leave the final decision to you. CJ has a rich professional life experience where he could assist people in. He is always easy to reach and prompt in response. It was a great experience as we have gone through several situations discussing many topics such as Personal Branding, Strategic thinking & Change Management.

Head of GIS & Document Management

CJ is a person who made a big difference in my life. Through his vast experience on both the personal and professional sides, he helped me to explore how to achieve my most important goal in life which is achieving the right balance between the mental, physical and spiritual aspects. I always believed in personal coaching even before meeting CJ (with the right coach of course), but seeing is believing. I can say that I was lucky when MBRPLD selected me to be one of his trainees. One of the amazing traits that CJ has is that he does not give you the solution to a certain issue, but he will make you able to find the solution by yourself CJ is not only a great coach/mentor, but also a great friend. CJ made me able to make hard decisions in my life professionally and personally. Every minute with CJ is a true enjoyment and benefit.

COO, Projects, Facilities & EHS Depts. | Quality Dep’t

I have enjoyed the coaching sessions with you, which have transformed the way I think about others and therefore my approach has also changed. I also want to thank you for introducing Emotional Capitalists to me. I truly appreciated sharing your experience with me and will continue to value and reflect on our coaching sessions together.

Chief Corporate Banker

My Coach CJ is an excellent coach. We used to meet on monthly basis and talk about business & life events which took place over this period. CJ is an excellent listener while coaching. He guided me as a friend and was there to support the decisions I am planning to take. I am very happy that he has shared with me his experience on matters similar to what I am facing with my future challenges. I am proud to have such a great coach who enlightened me on issues I need to focus for my personal development plan. I become convinced on decisions I am taking. I have learned from him ways to deal with difficult people. CJ become someone I can trust to reveal to him both personal & business matters. CJ has supported me to focus on my ambitions and vision. He was always available when needed even he used to keep his overseas number in case we might need him during his vacation. He was familiar with the country and the culture of UAE which made us closer to understand each other and become a good coach. I am really very happy to have gained CJ as a coach and as a friend

Executive Director

It has been a year now since I met CJ, and I can see his impact on me, personal and professional wise. Earlier, I never realized the importance of coaching and mentoring till after my sessions with CJ. During my mentoring journey with him, I’ve learnt that coaching is not lessons that you get from someone but it’s sharing knowledge and giving a guide. He helped me to know my directions in my life, specifically in my career. Our mentoring journey ended up as a friendship. I’m so glad to have known a wonderful person like CJ.

Senior Dealer ‐ Sales

As a graduate of H.H. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid’s Young Leaders’ Programme, one of the most important & beneficial aspects of this programme was the mentoring we were given. If I was given the opportunity to choose a mentor in the future or to recommend a mentor, I would not find better than CJ, both professionally and personally. CJ was a person I owe a great deal to in the sense that he shared his vast pool of experience and best practices and was able to improve many of my skills, some I knew needed touching up, and others I was not aware of. CJ was always there when I
needed him and was always generous in giving more and more. He is a great listener, understands exactly what our issues were, asked us for our opinions on how to improve and shared with us his experience which allowed us to learn how we could close gaps.

Director, Overseas Promotions and Inward Missions