“Executives and HR managers

know coaching is the most

potent tool for inducing

lasting personal change.”


-  Ivy Business Journal

Colin does not follow any one particular coaching methodology; many of these adopt a “one size fits all” approach and can tend to focus on the process rather than the individual.

Colin believes every client is unique and the challenges they face and the goals they aspire to are also unique, hence the need for a unique programme for each individual. Therefore Colin’s approach is to really get to the core of one’s values, an in-depth analysis of strengths and development needs, a deep understanding of the goals they want to achieve and then, in a collaborative partnership, initiate a personal development plan to achieve those goals.

The challenges provided by the ever changing nature of the global economy means we need to be constantly striving to grow leaders, in both the private and Government sectors, to meet those challenges and to lead organisations to the next level. The best method for this growth has been proven time and time again, Executive Coaching.

The Gulf and the UAE in particular is growing and the pace of change immense, the challenges you face today will not be the challenges you face tomorrow, unless you keep growing and innovating to meeting those challenges head on, you will be left behind. Executive Coaching can take you to the next level.